Have you just been invited to an interview, but unsure what to bring? Or wondering whether you should bring anything at all? Worry not, there are just a few things to bring that will be useful for you but impressive to whom is interviewing you.

1. A copy or two of your CV

Most likely, the interviewers will have a copy of your CV in front of them, with some notes scribbled on suggesting potential questions to ask you. However, it’s always handy to have an extra copy or two if somebody else asks for one, and it is worth bringing extra copies if you have updated your CV since applying for the job.

Your CV might be handy for you if you need to provide dates of previous employment when filling in a written application form, or for when providing reference contacts.

2. Identification

You never know when you’ll need your ID, or what their company’s security procedures are.

3. The job spec

Hopefully, you’ve read the job spec several times, and know what types of skills the job requires, and what the day-to-day responsibilities are of the job. Before you go into the interview, maybe even when you are sitting in the car because you’ve made sure to be early, make a few notes on the job spec itself.
Circle the skills that you have, what job responsibilities you want to ask about, and so on.

Not only does it help you when you’re answering questions about what you understand of the job role, but also it makes you look incredibly prepared and thorough in your approach to your work. Having a couple of things highlighted will also help when you are asked; “Do you have any questions?”

4. Notebook and pen

Again, hopefully, when researching this job you wrote some notes down about what the job entails, the company’s values, and the latest news about the firm. Maybe you’ve gone the extra mile and written down some potential answers to some possible questions for you to say in the interview. Bring all these notes with you, and refer to them if you need to.

When going into an interview, it is the norm to be perfectly rehearsed with all the best and most brilliant, relevant answers on the tip of your tongue ready to go. But sometimes you can’t be fully prepared, as you never know what they will ask. Sometimes you can run out of “Me at My Best” stories as your mind can go blank. With some notes in front of you, you can look prepared for any awkward, empty moments; how can that be perceived as a bad thing? Your notes make you look organized, thorough, well-researched, and genuinely interested in the role.

It’s also a good idea to jot down the names of who is interviewing you (if you do not already know). That way you can send your thank you note the day after the interview.

5. Proof of your qualifications

If you have perhaps done an extra IT course in your own time, or any other professional qualification that you can brag about (that is still relevant to the job), bring it along in a folder, sitting lovingly next to those extra copies of your CV. The potential employers may want to see a copy, or if you bring it up in one of your answers, it might be worth mentioning that you have the certificate with you, if they wish to see it, which shows excellent organizational skills.

6. A portfolio

If you want to go the extra 10 miles, or if it is relevant to the role you are after, make a professional work portfolio to bring along. Having visual evidence of the things you have done is an excellent way to support your arguments about why you should get this job.

7. Your personality

Remember to be yourself as you answer questions. Smile, be honest about both your experiences and your personality and try to make conversation.

If you get nervous, then just try to remember eye contact and good body posture. If you canrelax a bit in interviews, then do relax. With a more relaxed mood, your answers will flow better, your personality will shine through, along with some confidence. All are good things that potential employers want to see.

By bringing all these things to an interview, you will look prepared, confident, and well-organized, which are all qualities that your potential employer is seeking in a new hire. Not only will you impress the interview panel, but by having these things with you, you are more likely to increase your confidence about how well the interview will go.

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