About Us

JobContx – Search | Hire | Network

Our platform was designed and established by recruitment professionals that were looking for a job board that offered them a more efficient method of connecting with job seekers. Jobcontx allows Employers to connect with Job Seekers in a variety of ways in a friendly non stressful environment.

Why Try Us?

With so many options in the market, why try us? What makes you different? Jobcontx is built around the idea of connecting people with people. We give both Job Seekers and Employers the ability to SEARCH using our search features or even our Proximity Map. The next step is to connect with either the Job Seeker or the Employer through our LIVE CHAT. But our philosphy doesn’t end there. You also have the ability to view our Business Directories. Showcase your company, services, or products…and yes…you can connect with potential customers. So the real question isnt why? Its why haven’t you tried Jobcontx?

What is a Proximity Map?

The Proximity Map isn’t new. In fact many websites are currently using it. What we discovered by surveying Job Seekers is that they often wanted to find jobs close to their radius. So we made it visually possible to find jobs quicker by allowing Job Seekers to search directly on the map. Can’t get any easier!