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You Can Increase Your…

Many surveys are publishing similar results when it comes to the growth of freelancing in today's economy.  Between 35%+ currently and 50% in the coming years, the percentage of freelancers in the workforce is growing steadily.  There are many reasons for it, from lower costs for business to more workers who want better control of their working hours and rewards.  Almost anyone can add to their income through freelancing part-time to get their feet wet.  It is all about what you know.  Do you know what you know that is of value to others?   The Self-Assessment Step Instead of jumping onto freelancing websites to see what you may find that you can do for income, first figure out what it is that you can do well.  What do you know, what have you done, and what experience do you have that others will pay you to share? Depending on your age, you have a past education and work history, and that's where you start.  If you went to college, what was your major/minor?  Were there courses you particularly liked and spent time learning more about those subjects?  Did you later get a job using that education?  Perhaps you were a finance major who worked for a bank, an investment firm, or a lender. Did you go to trade school or learn a trade on the job?  Maybe you learned..

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