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Why Reaching the Casual…

When the unemployment rate is high, employers can pick and choose their new hires from the ranks of those without a job. Those job seekers may need to update their skills, and they may need a bit of retraining here and there, but they are widely available and anxious for a new opportunity. Things become considerably more challenging when the economy turns around and the unemployment rate dips. While no one wants a bad economy, it is hard to deny that a good economy presents a difficult environment for those with jobs to fill. Economists used to define full employment as a 5% unemployment rate, and though things have changed somewhat, that guideline is still a useful one for employers and hiring managers. When the unemployment rate dips to the 5% level and below, an overwhelming percentage of workers who want jobs already have jobs. Hiring new workers in an environment like that can be challenging to say the least, but all is not lost. Some 95% of the working-age population may have jobs, but that does not mean they love their jobs or their employers. No matter how high or low the unemployment rate, there are always disaffected workers, or employees who would eagerly switch jobs if given the opportunity. That is where the casual job search comes into play. Employers who are able to reach out to those..

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