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3 Toxic Employee Types…

Too many businesses struggle recognizing toxic personalities on their staff. Sometimes their personal feelings get in the way, or they don't know what a bad employee looks like. Spending a few minutes learning common personality types can help them uncover troubling habits, and decide strategies that work for their team. The Micromanager Managers should delegate responsibilities, but some concentrate too much on small details. Micromanagers spend most of their time pestering underlings about small details, sabotaging their productivity. Instead of assigning tasks and offering help or correction when needed, they hover behind employees, making sure they use the water cooler correctly. Of course, this wastes the micromanager's time, too! Thankfully, nitpicky leaders aren't hard to spot. Look for annoyed or unproductive employees. If everyone is trying to do their job well but can't, look to management first. If they are always babysitting their employees instead of giving them space, you probably have a micromanager. Asking employees about how their coworkers spend their time is sometimes helpful, but could backfire, too. Looking at body language and attitude is a safer approach, and you can always ask questions to confirm your suspicions later. Remember, you will lose your staff's trust if they think you are talking behind their back. The Pretender Intelligent people will find ways to save time and effort, at work or home. You should always ask yourself if an..

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