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7 Reasons Why Employees…

Employee turnover will cost you, and in ways you may not have previously considered. Higher than average turnover can sink morale, cut production, and tax you dearly in training costs. Although not every resignation can or should be thwarted, by understanding the reasons why employees quit, you can reduce turnover accordingly. We'll take a look at seven reasons why employees resign and move on as well as how to counter each one. 1. Poor hiring decisions. Sometimes people leave or are pressured out simply because they were the wrong person for the job. Worse, this individual may have been wrong for your company's culture. That's a clash in interests that could have been averted before they were hired. If your company consistently hires the wrong people, then your method of recruiting, evaluating, interviewing, and offering jobs to these individuals is all wrong. Something is broken in the process and needs to be fixed. Human Resources must be empowered to have the final say whether an individual is hired or not. If they already have that say, then something in the HR department needs overhauling. 2. An uncompetitive compensation package. Salary and benefits work in tandem to form your business' compensation package. Naturally, such packages should be tailored to individual employees, especially as they move up in the ranks. While the initial compensation package may be sufficient to attract an employee,..

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