For anyone who wants to improve overall performance in the workplace, the ability to channel emotional intelligence is needed. Learning to use your or an employee’s emotional intelligence is not earth shattering, but it does take a bit of learning.


Channeling Emotional Intelligence

First, the understanding of emotional intelligence is needed. Emotional intelligence is having the ability to be able to know and understand your emotions. Once you can understand your emotions you can harness the emotions to complete tasks at hand. The ability to understand your own emotions does take a bit of getting to know yourself, but it can be mastered in a short period.

Emotional Intelligence is also having the ability to identify with the emotions of others. Identifying with the emotions of others also lets you control a situation. In other words, if you have a friend who is emotionally upset you can identify with the emotions and able to harness the emotions and use them to be effective.


Improving Performance

In the business world, employers are always learning new ways to tap into the employee’s strong points. By being able to apply emotional intelligence from the hiring to the retire stages a brought about huge gains in business. Human Resources can identify those employees that exhibit emotional intelligence.

Traits of emotional intelligence include the following:

  • Self-Control- The ability to be able to harness one’s own emotions and use the emotions constructively.
  • Self-Rating- Those who exhibit high emotional intelligence are more apt to rate their own performance. An employee may state that he/she works better in a team environment. This person has the ability not only to self-rate but to know how he/she performs tasks more proficiently.
  • Confidence- We all have some type of confidence when it comes to handling our jobs. Those who are more confident tend to want to be seen and understood by others in the way that they view themselves. People with above average self-efficacy will have developed the needed social skills to keep the self-image that is positive. For those who do not believe in themselves as much will tend to back away from any type of social relationships. The reason the shyer ones tend to back away is because they have not yet developed the emotional intelligence and self-image.
  • The ability to reason while using emotions is a gift to the business world.

Those in the Human Resource fields are now harnessing the ability to be able to connect to employees using emotional intelligence. The better the employee is understood the more productive they can be working in environments that best suit them.

There are experts located all over the world that work with the subject of emotional intelligence in the workplace. For those who are looking to help boost productivity in the workplace, emotional intelligence is worth learning and understanding.

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