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Virtual Recruitment Support

In today’s leading environment, many businesses are turning to outsourcing administrative functions to improve both operations and bottom-line growth. Jobcontx’s Virtual Recruitment Support is an extension of it’s robust Job Posting Platform. Using its extensive network and an in-depth understanding of the recruitment process, Jobcontx allows employers the opportunity to have added value services add to an existing job listing.

What is Virtual Recruitment Support?

Virtual Recruitment Support is a form of business process outsourcing where an employer transfers all or part of its recruitment processes to Jobcontx. As a Virtual Recruitment Support provider, we have internal access to Jobcontx’s staff, technology, methodologies and reporting.

What are the benefits?

  • Efficiency – Companies use our RPO to narrow their resume and applicant database to identify qualifying applicants. Allow Hiring Managers to maximize their time interviewing and filling open positions more efficiently.

  • Cost – Typically the cost of a job listing through several online competitors is the same as would be the use of the RPO program. Making Jobcontx’s RPO more attractive with added value for the same costs.
  • Staffing vs Virtual Recruitment Support – Many customers have asked whats the difference? Very simply put, the Virtual Recruitment Support is only responsible for the recruitment and pre-selection process, whereas the Staffing Firm will continue through the entire life cycle of a candidate. In simplest terms, we handle streamlining the recruitment and pre-selection process, you interview and hire pre-qualified candidates directly that are submitted from our recruitment department.

How does it work?

Give us a call or send us an email. One of our recruitment specialist will speak directly with you to gather valuable information about the “Ideal Candidate Profile”.

  1. The rest is on us. We will create your ad on our Job Board. We will use our networking partners to generate traffic flow.
  2. And then we will pre-screen your candidates for you and send you Skill Matched Resumes for interviews.
  3. Now its up to you. Once you have interviewed your candidate…you will deal directly with the candidate to move forward with your Hiring Process.Its that SIMPLE! No mess, no fuss, no hidden fees.

Virtual Human Resources

Coming soon to JobContx.